Immenhof Ellerbek

Bachelor Project

THE TIDE is a fictional blockbuster movie, to which this trailer was created.

This video is the visual and auditory outcome of the diploma project of two communication design students – at the Institute of Design Hamburg – who fought for doing what they love. They call themselves the “One² Man Army”, which consists of Lars Herbst and Julian Strunck (
Everything was entirely made by themselves with no additional budget but their own investments, like storybook, script, location scouting, casting, production management, filming, directing, VFX/CGI, grading, orchestration, compositing, mixing/mastering and so on.
Within an effective timespan of six weeks, this video plus an additional presentation were made from scratch, whereas the presentation was unforgettable, highly-enjoyable and unrestrained-humourous balanced with a good amount of deep insides and learning.

Ultimately the students were awarded a first-class degree (1.0) for their diploma project and presentation.
They both continue now their education to the master’s degree at the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom.
Rumour has it, that their movie legacy is becoming reality.

VW Golf IV

Student Artwork
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